Dr. Emily Barker is an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse in Illinois and is a CPT in the US Army Reserve. She is an approved instructor with ILETSB and is a Subject Matter Expert with Illinois Fire Service Institute. She specializes in trauma and anxiety in first responders and veterans. She has over 26 years of experience in emergency and medical fields including mental health, emergency, humanitarian aid/disaster response, and military nursing. She has worked in a multitude of environments, from the streets, to the hospital, to a war zone, in rural, inner-city, and austere settings. From her lived experiences, she knows first-hand how trauma impacts our lives. She also knows that healing from trauma is not only possible, but can be transformational.
September 5, 2024: 0830 - 1630

Join us for a full day of discussion and instruction about Law Enforcement Officer and First Responder Wellness. We will go in depth on how trauma and anxiety impact your…

Mandates: Crisis Intervention, Officer Wellness and Mental Health