Ted has been in the emergency field for since 1982 when he enlisted in the U.S. Army. Ted served three years as an Army EMT and his Company medic. Training has been part of Ted’s life since his time in the military. He started with CPR and basic field first aid. The military helped Ted create best practices that can be used in all Emergency Action planning.

Ted has been in the 911 industry for fifteen years. The last five years Ted has been the City of Waltham, MA as their 911 Training Coordinator, as well as a full-time day shift supervisor. He has mentored the department in all of its continuing Education requirements, as well as guided all the new hires to be full time 911 tele communicators. Ted conducts quality control for the center, as well as any employee remediation that is needed. He has served as the departments Critical Incident stress councilor for the last 8 years.

Over the last fifteen years Ted Has completed training certifications in; Tactical Police dispatch, Tactical fire dispatch, Critical incident stress counselling, Suicide prevention, Domestic Violence, Hostage negotiation, Active Shooter Policy and Protocols, Counter terrorism, Chemical and advanced fire protocols. Ted is an AHA/ASHI certified CPR instructor to the BLS Level. Ted has just completed his Home land I and II security certifications.

Ted has developed and written the first 911 Active shooter policy for the City of Waltham and has consulted with Company’s and Schools in the area to improve their Emergency Action Plans.
Teds experience and passion is what lead him to teach all over the country, as well as presenting in National Conferences.

Ted’s number one goal is to put all Emergency management personal in a position to succeed, and that they pass on the same passion for helping people that he brings to every class.
March 4, 2024: 0830 - 1630

Is your Communications Center prepared to recognize and respond to any “In-Progress” event? What type of specialized training has your staff received regarding events that like workplace violence, home invasion…


The class will include new skills for workplace shootings, school shootings, spill-over domestic violence, large occupancy building shootings and other events that are considered “active shooter” situations. Students will learn…

Mandates: Crisis Intervention, Procedural Justice